Building and Equipment Services

Building and Equipment Services Department (BES) is responsible for the operation and maintenance of City buildings, vehicles and equipment.

Building Operations and Maintenance

  • Ensure City of Irving facilities operate properly, allowing employees to provide services to our residents, visitors and businesses.
  • Prevent facility and system deterioration through preventative maintenance.
  • Target operations and energy management toward efficient building practices for cost control and sustainability.
  • Maintain proper environmental control for all city facilities through efficient operations, maintenance and repairs of HVAC systems.
  • Coordinate, manage and perform projects in support of city departmental requirements for renovations, additions, moves and changes, etc.

Custodial Services

  • Ensure clean environments for employees to provide services to our residents and visitors.
  • Work to prevent safety hazards associated with facility cleanup.
  • Perform the removal of dust, debris and cleanup of other contaminants for a healthy environment.
  • Seek to improve indoor air quality through the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Fleet Acquisition and Disposition

  • Develop vehicle and equipment specifications, as well as bidding schedules.
  • Facilitate equipment commissioning and decommissioning.
  • Incorporate appropriate levels of vehicle/equipment purchases toward alternative fuel powered units.
  • Maintain guidelines/criteria or Vehicle Equipment Replacement Requests.
  • Vehicle depreciation, age, mileage, mechanical condition, maintainability/reliability, maintenance cost and safety will impact the decision to replace or retain the vehicle/equipment.

Fleet Operations and Maintenance

  • Ensure the City fleet and equipment is operational for daily use. Provide repair and maintenance service to units that include but are not limited to:
    • Sedans
    • Light- and Heavy-Duty Trucks
    • Fire Apparatus
    • Refuse Trucks
    • Police Cruisers
    • Street Sweepers
    • Brush Equipment
  • Maintain and operate car wash facility.

Fuel Management

  • Manage the fuel inventory of the city's unleaded, diesel and compressed natural gas, which includes ordering the fuel and adhering to state regulatory compliance at 17 fueling sites.
  • Issue and deactivate fuel cards for use at City of Irving fueling sites.

Parts Room

  • Manage the purchase and inventory levels of parts issued to city vehicles.
  • Facilitate the removal of worn tires and used oil to recycling vendors.