Parks and Recreation Master Plan

There is no doubt: Irving’s parks and trails, pools, recreation centers and sporting venues are popular. From swimming to soccer, running to family picnicking, Irving residents play and learn in these city-owned facilities.

However, a number of the venues are aging, and Irving’s population is growing dramatically (PDF). Recognizing the need to ensure Irving’s facilities remain relevant, safe and ready to serve the city’s future generations, Halff Associates has been engaged to conduct an extensive evaluation and to develop a Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

Through 2018 and 2019, the Halff team, along with city staff, will evaluate the status of the Parks and Recreation’s current infrastructure: 110 city parks, 30 miles of trails, eight recreation facilities and six pools.

Once completed, the forward-looking, prioritized master plan will include identified funding options and recommended programming, and it will establish operational and staffing needs. The master plan also will include a five-year implementation period, with a 10-year horizon outline.