Adan Salazar

ADAN SALAZAR PhotoI separated honorably from the army in July of 2018 and began applying to police departments around the Dallas-Fort Worth area soon after. 

I’d known I wanted to be a Police Officer since I was a little kid, but I just wasn’t sure where I wanted to work. After researching several different departments I stumbled across Irving Police Department not realizing that this was going to be the department for me. 

I took the Irving Police Civil Service Exam on July 28. While still adjusting to civilian life, I got the call back that I was going to be moving throughout the hiring process and eventually onto the oral board. 

I was officially hired after passing the oral board in September, and took several ride-alongs with some great officers who took the time to teach and help me learn a great deal about the department and the life of a police officer. I began the NCTCOG Police Academy in October 2018. At first I felt a little uneasy, unsure that I would have the same kind of friendships I had in the Army, but soon came to find that the people signing up to be police officers were almost identical to those of the military.