Sabine Hopson


I took the Civil Service exam and physical fitness test in July 2018. I did not know and waited to see my score and hear from the department’s background investigators. Filling out the personal history statement was time-consuming, due to the fact that I had to obtain various documents from out of state and wait for my references to be interviewed.

Ten days after the exam I was contacted by an investigator to begin the background process. The investigator conducted a prepolygraph interview, which consisted of reviewing questions from my personal history statement. The polygraph was a new and exciting experience. I had always wanted to participate in a polygraph examination!  

I tried my best to prepare for my oral board interview by researching the department’s history and community initiatives. My oral board was extensive, and consisted of mostly scenario-based questions. Following the oral board I was given a conditional offer of employment! I then went and completed a medical and psychological evaluation. I found the psychological evaluation to be very interesting.  

I was officially hired on Oct. 15, 2018, and spent a couple weeks learning more about the department and assisting with various administrative tasks until starting the police academy on Oct. 29.  

Overall, my experience with the hiring process was a positive one. I feel very proud to be working for and representing the Irving Police Department; it’s apparent that Irving is highly respected around the metropolitan area and the state of Texas and I’m excited to begin my career.