New Water / Sewer Tap

Tap and relocation fees are associated with connections to existing public water and / or sewer lines for private use. The City of Irving will no longer provide relocations for services but will require that these be reviewed by Our CIP and Building Inspections departments prior to the work being performed. Since commercial water and sewer taps are now done at the discretion of the Irving Water Utilities department a contractor may be required to complete this request if the utility is not available. All new connections must be submitted, reviewed and approved through the City of Irving CIP (Engineering) department. Once approved, all new connections incur tap fees corresponding with the size needed. Water taps will also require a meter deposit for billing purposes. Commercial owners placing water accounts directly into their name will need to submit a Commercial application for service for EACH address being established and will be required to pay the corresponding deposit(s). The current fee schedule can be found here.