Unified Development Code Update Schedule


Reorganization of Zoning and Subd. Ordinances into UDC Format


Updating a 1964 ordinance to meet the City of Irving’s current and future needs is expected to take two or three years. Careful review of existing regulations, market trends, future opportunities, and most critically, the input, feedback and support of residents, neighborhood groups, developers and the business community will be required to build the tools that will help Irving create the future the community envisions.

Time frames, specific meetings and input workshops will be added as the process moves forward. The expected order of work is:

  1. Renumber existing zoning ordinance sections to set up for amendments.
  2. Create a land use chart and definitions of use.
  3. Update the Purpose and Administration sections with required boards and processes.
  4. Review high-priority items, such as parking, home-based business and nonconforming uses,
  5. Review residential and nonresidential districts categories and standards; create charts of setbacks, height, etc.
  6. Review other development standards, including yards, height, landscaping and screening.
  7. Review individual use standards, including future regulation of alcohol sales, multifamily development, and eliminating or creating standards.
  8. Create Special Use Permit overlay and consider other new tools and districts to address market needs.
  9. Review and integrate the Subdivision Ordinance into the Unified Development Code.

Throughout the process, the City of Irving will need feedback from the community to ensure the new ordinances provide property owners with flexibility to make the best use of their land, while fulfilling the vision of the Imagine Irving Comprehensive Plan and protecting the health, safety and general welfare of the residents of Irving.