Maintenance and Conservation Information

Learn more about basic water system maintenance and tips to conserve water.  

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Water Conservation Tips, by Season

  1. Winter
  2. Spring
  3. Summer
  4. Autumn

MeterWastewater Monitoring Occurs January to March

Average use will determine sewer charge for upcoming year.

Now is the time to shorten showers and tighten those leaky faucets because the amount of water used from January to March will determine how much a customer pays for sewer the rest of the year. This is the February, March, and April statements respectively.

During this time, the Water Utilities Department will monitor how much water is used for on each metered account, including lawn irrigation, showering and washing clothes. The average will determine the amount the city will charge each account, on an individual basis, for wastewater for the next 12 months starting May 1.  

Once the months' consumption has been established, the new averaged charge will appear on the May billing. The city uses the winter months to average the billing rates to better reflect the actual amount of wastewater an individual account produces, due to the drastic decrease in outside water consumption activities, such as irrigation and filling pools.

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