Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigation Division is divided into the following sections:

  1. Crimes Against Persons - Seven detectives investigate all homicides, robberies, sexual assaults, indecencies with a child, aggravated assaults, simple assaults, child abuse (except domestic violence) and all other crimes against persons. The Criminal Investigation Division also investigates animal cruelty cases and prepares/files charges related to them.
  2. Domestic Violence Unit - Six detectives investigate all domestic violence assaults and child abuse cases, in addition to obtaining emergency protective orders for assault victims.
  3. Economic Crimes - Four detectives investigate forgeries, credit card abuses, money laundering, identity theft, embezzlements, and all white collar crimes.
  4. Property Crimes - Eight detectives investigate all residential and commercial and vehicle burglaries, as well as all criminal trespasses, criminal mischief, theft and uncategorized crimes.
  5. Auto Thefts - Three detectives investigate all auto thefts.
  6. Crime Scene - Six officers process crime scenes, collect evidence, photograph evidence and assist investigators with physical evidence.
  7. Pawn Shop Detail - One Property Evidence Analyst collects pawn tickets, completes data entry information from pawn tickets, places holds on stolen property, assists detectives and other agencies with pawn shop investigations and gives testimony in property hearings in Municipal Court.
  8. Electronic Evidence Unit - Investigators in the Electronic Evidence Unit specialize in the investigation of computer forensics. With the growth of computers and the Internet, digital evidence has begun to play an important role in the criminal courtroom. Computer forensics is the discovery, collection, analysis, and archiving of this evidence.
  9. Gang Intervention Officers - The department's Gang Unit operates out of the Criminal Investigation Division. The investigators are specially trained in recognizing gang activity, offense patterns, and gang membership within Irving. The gang investigators are responsible for investigating all graffiti and gang related offenses. The investigators also make presentations covering all aspects of gang activity to civic, school, and business groups. The purpose of the presentations is to educate the public and parents about the threat of gangs and the solutions being implemented to deal with them. Currently, five gang officers and one sergeant are assigned to this unit.