Why are my taxes so high?

Irving residents enjoy one of the lowest tax rates in the North Texas region. Taxes imposed by the City of Irving are necessary to provide funding for government services and account for only 22 percent of a resident's total tax bill. School taxes are the largest component of the total tax bill at 54 percent, and the remaining 24 percent is assessed by Dallas County, Parkland Hospital District and Dallas County Community College.

In an article featured on The Dallas Morning News website on Aug. 11, 2010, the City of Carrollton reported the results of a study that examined the total cost of all city services, including the tax rate, water and sewer rates, drainage fees, sanitation and recycling rates for Metroplex cities. Of the 19 cities included, Irving was the third lowest, just ahead of Addison and Farmers Branch. When compared against the 10 largest cities in the Metroplex, Irving had the lowest overall cost of service. Individually, Irving has the second lowest tax rate, and has the lowest water and sewer rates among the top 10 cities.

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1. How are tax revenues decreasing if the city is raising the tax rate?
2. Why are my taxes so high?
3. Is it true that the decrease in tax revenue is in part due to the Heritage Crossing project, in that so many dwellings/buildings were removed and now sit as vacant land at a lower taxable rate?
4. Are any city departments over budget for the current year?
5. If Code Enforcement is a key focus area for the city, why does the budget show funding for five fewer code enforcement personnel in the coming year?
6. How much does the City of Irving receive in revenue from the company that operates Twin Wells Golf Course? Where is that reflected in the city’s records?
7. Are any funds allocated in the FY 2010-11 budget for improvements along Irving Boulevard between the Trinity River and Loop 12?
8. What is the status of the former stadium site redevelopment? Is the $2 billion “Sky Park” project on hold?
9. Is everything paid for from the General Fund?
10. How much of the increase in the municipal services bill goes to the General Fund?
11. What happened to the $12 million in savings that have been realized over the past four years?
12. How many employees work for the City of Irving?
13. Is Irving self-insured? How much does health insurance cost the city?
14. How much of the budget goes toward the Heritage Crossing project?
15. Why doesn’t the city match tax increases with a dollar-for-dollar operating expenditure reduction?
16. If taxes are increased due to lower property values, will the city ever reduce taxes?
17. Has the city manager received a raise this year?
18. How is the city reducing expenditures?
19. Why doesn’t the city reduce services to ease the tax burden on residents?
20. How much will my taxes increase under the proposed budget?
21. Where will the money come from for the Entertainment Venue if the dedicated revenues are not sufficient to pay the debt? (Full question provided in answer.)