Is everything paid for from the General Fund?
No. While the General Fund is the main operating fund of the city, Irving has more than 120 funds, which are separate due to state and federal regulations, accounting best practices or because of decisions of the City Council.

Including the General Fund, there are nine main funds that comprise the majority of city operations:

Summary of Operating Expenditures for Major Programs

Fund/Program 2009-10 Adopted Budget 2010-11 Proposed Budget
General Fund $176,362,533 $169,505,476
Water and Sewer $81,812,269 $84,128,881
Solid Waste Services $11,622,026 $11,723,038
Municipal Drainage Utility $4,646,044 $4,883,382
HOT Revenue Funds    
ICVB $6,327,498 $6,046,256
Arts Center $4,424,410 $3,891,693
Main Street and Events $113,799 $115,173
Heritage and Museum $368,423 $244,846
Total HOT $11,234,130 $10,297,968
Housing and Human Services $8,655,743 $3,901,254
Total Major Funds $294,332,745 $284,439,999

Please provide a listing of the departmental budgets for FY 2010-11.

For the General Fund, departmental budgets for FY 2010-11 total $169.5 million.

  2009-10 Budget 2010-11 Proposed Budget
Goal 1 - Land Use

Planning and Inspections


Goal 2 - Vibrant Neighborhoods

Code Enforcement


Goal 3 - Economic Development

Economic Development


Goal 4 - Public Safety



Municipal Court Services

Animal Services








Goal 6 - Effective Communications

Corporate Communications


Goal 7 - Culture, Recreation and Education

Parks and Recreation

Library Services




Goal 8 - Sound Governance

Mayor and Council

City Secretary's Office

City Manager's Office

Financial Services

Management Operations


Performance Team

City Attorney's Office
















Goal 9 - Infrastructure

Capital Improvement Program


Information Technology

Intergovernmental Services








Total Expenditures $176,362,533 $169,504,476

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5. If Code Enforcement is a key focus area for the city, why does the budget show funding for five fewer code enforcement personnel in the coming year?
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9. Is everything paid for from the General Fund?
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